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Safety on the road

Due to the constant increase in global security risks and natural catastrophes, travel safety is becoming more and more important. By most of the travel managers it is considered as the most important issue.

With regard to the care and liability responsibility as a company, an efficient travel-risk-management concept is indispensable.

We offer your employees more safety on their business trips. With our country information database we are able to provide you with valuable background knowledge, recommended vaccinations. Important health information and guidelines on behavior.

DERPART Travel Service informs you about current events, national catastrophes and strikes that could hinder your business trip.

Thanks to pre-set warning levels, the responsible managers immediately receive a list of all employees in the affected target area. With this important information, you can act effectively and accurately.

Indispensable to your travelers is a 24/7 number for travel-emergencies. With our professional and experienced partners we are able to support you in all questions and crises at home and abroad.

Together with LITEHOUSE Consulting New TRISVO – the leading consulting company in the field of travel risk management – we have developed a concept to support the topic of safety and medical care during travel.

Our concept includes:

  • 24H service 365 days a year
  • Worldwide health service
  • Global Risk and Crisis Management
  • Travel Security Solution

Take care of your employees. Thanks to us, your travelers have more security on business trips. DERPART Travel Service and TRISVO offer competent solutions for your company size.

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